Report Analyzes Development of Advanced Tech for WSN

DUBLIN, Ireland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Wireless Sensor Networks: Market and Technology Trends" report to their offering.

This report provides the WSN technologies and markets analysis and assessments; it concentrates on the recent developmental trends. The report is useful for service providers, retail operators, vendors, network operators and managers, investors and end users seeking to gain a deeper understanding of WSN-based structures opportunities and barriers.

For systems integrators, the report provides an analysis and assessment of competing products currently available as well as an estimation of the overall opportunities in the coming years. The end users can gain a more thorough understanding of product's market and capabilities as well as the economics.

Wireless Sensor Network-based architectures are a pivotal part of the situational awareness systems that can be employed in defense, homeland security, and relatively recently in many commercial applications, including industry automation and even home security. The nodes that constitute these systems are required to support multi-modal sensing, local signal processing and node management tasks, and wireless communication using self-organized mesh-structured networks, while having severe form factor and lifetime constraints (extremely low power consumption and other) imposed on them to be tactically useful.

This report analyzes the development of advanced technologies for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Particular, it addresses:

  • UWB, ZigBee and UGS (Unattended Ground Sensors) products market characteristics, their specifics and market segmentation
  • Radio and technology standards supporting WSN
  • USN (Ubiquitous Sensor Network)concept, applications and development
  • IP-based WSN
  • Green telecom and WSN with extremely low requirements to maintenance
  • Market -WSN and UGS
  • Applications-WSN and UGS
  • Current WSN implementation
  • Market players and their products.

The report covers a wide spectrum of modern trends in the WSN industry. The USN concept is evolving, and it promises a "universal" global connectivity and processing power that even difficult to predict today-it is expected that the USN can make our everyday life safer and allow many new services that are not imaginable today.

Another area that attracts a lot of industry attention (and covered in this report) is the design of low power consumption WSN nodes; power harvesting and other techniques make such nodes maintenance very easy and inexpensive—no wiring and no battery maintenance; they also fit to global requirements to make telecom "greener". The report also stresses the importance of the development IP-based WSNs; such a development allows effective sensors networking and connectivity to external networks.

Key Topics Covered:

  • 1.0 Introduction
  • 2.0 UWB: Technology and Market Specifics
  • 3.0 ZigBee
  • 4.0 Competition Landscape
  • 5.0 UGS Technology-Specifics and Applications
  • 6.0 Modern Trends : WSN Development
  • 7.0 Conclusions

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