Renesas Electronics America Introduces the Renesas IoT Sandbox to Simplify Embedded Design Prototyping for Connected Devices

SANTA CLARA, CA -- Renesas Electronics America Inc. introduces the IoT Sandbox, a comprehensive cloud-based environment where customers and partners can prototype their Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and accelerate their innovative, big ideas to market. The Renesas IoT Sandbox enables personalized data intelligence for system developers working with the Renesas SynergyTM Platform, the Renesas RL78 Family and RX Family of microcontrollers (MCUs), and the Renesas RZ Family of microprocessors (MPUs). System developers can leverage the Renesas IoT Sandbox to quickly and easily develop end-to-end prototypes for home appliances, wearables, building automation, and other IoT products using near-real-time data to make personalized, intelligent actions.

About the IoT Sandbox

Powered by cloud services from Medium One, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) Data Intelligence company, the Renesas IoT Sandbox integrates Renesas embedded processors, which are used to collect and locally analyze data from a variety of sensors, control the output of peripherals such as touch screen displays and actuators, and connect to wireless radios and wired interfaces that provide the two-way communication to the Renesas IoT Sandbox where data intelligence algorithms can be executed. Bringing together all of the components needed for end-to-end IoT solutions, the Renesas IoT Sandbox puts designers and developers on a clear path from prototype to production.

MQTT over transport-level security (TLS) establishes a secure connection between the Renesas device and kit and the Renesas IoT Sandbox. Multi-connectivity support, including Bluetooth®, LoRa®, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and cellular/LTE, provides flexibility for system developers to find the right fit for their applications.

Users can take advantage of two-way communications in the Renesas IoT Sandbox cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) to create personalized, actionable data for the end-user device and third-party application services. System developers can graphically control the real-time data streams generated from the Renesas devices and kits within the cloud, and use Python-based workflows to quickly extract data intelligence and add prescriptive, predictive, and real-time intelligence to the data. For example, vibration data collected from a connected refrigerator can be analyzed to determine how often the door is being opened, when the compressor turns on, and even calculate the mean time to potential compressor failure. Based on that intelligence, a maintenance alert could be triggered to the service company as a preventative measure.

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