Render Networks And TE Connectivity Join Forces

MELBOURNE, Australia -- Render Networks has been selected by TE Connectivity Broadband Networks Solutions to become its global FTTx Design and Project Management software solutions partner to support TE's global turnkey solutions business. Keith Sheridan, Global Head of Solutions Sales and Delivery for TE Connectivity, based in Singapore, carried out an extensive global search for innovative solutions to help better serve their Customers looking to build new networks. "TE Connectivity has a rich history of innovation. The 'Plan to Construct' solution from Render Networks brings real innovation to our turnkey delivery of broadband networks. This solution will result in high quality networks, delivered to market faster and at less cost to our Customers. We are very excited by this new approach to designing and building networks". Render Networks "Plan to Construct" is a breakthrough design and construction project management solution for building networks faster and cheaper at scale. It combines the Biarri Networks' fibre optic network design solution "FOND" with the Render Networks' geospatial project management solution "RENDER" to truly innovate the end-to-end design and delivery of networks. Dan Flemming, CEO of Render Networks, is very pleased to be working with one of the Telecommunications Industry global heavyweights. "Our geospatial, asset-based methodology across the network delivery lifecycle is unique and drives dramatic efficiency improvements in both design and network rollout. TE have recognised this innovation and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with them to deliver better networks faster. It's also kind of cool to think that our Aussie innovation will now, in some small way, help connect the world." Initial deployments will include new FTTH networks in South-East Asia and Africa. For more details, visit: