Remtec and LTI Merge Metallized Ceramic Packaging and Glass-To Metal Packaging Capabilities to Expand Product Offerings to Sensor Markets

Metallized Ceramic Packaging

Norwood, MA --- Remtec Inc. merges its metalized ceramic packaging capabilities with the glass-to-metal packaging capabilities of parent company, Legacy Technologies. This combination of engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities will permit both companies to significantly expand product offerings to domestic and international sensor markets with a single stop solution for numerous products.

The expanded product offerings for Remtec and LTI include sensors for industrial accelerometers, fluid analyzers, liquid and gaseous flow meters, thermal conductivity measurement, sensing flow and content of liquids in corrosive environments, printed biosensors, medical instrumentation, optical detectors for tissue properties, x-ray imaging sensors for dental instrumentation and wireless sensors.

The additional engineering capabilities that make Remtec’s sensor market expansion possible include a large variety of assembly operations such as standard SMT soldering, gold tin soldering and CuSil brazing. Typical attachment components are lead-frames, pins, bushings, contacts, connectors and lugs as well as Kovar and ceramic ring-frames for hermetic assembly. Remtec can now build more advanced and complex assemblies on its metallized substrates for sensor applications.

Greatly broadening Remtec’s overall capabilities is the addition of LTI’s multiple furnaces with various atmospheres (nitrogen, ammonia and forming gas) that operate at a wide temperature range (200 to 900°C). The addition of welding, the use of sophisticated tooling and introduction of DBC-to-DBC multi-layer stack-up assembly significantly expand Remtec’s sensor product offerings.

Using the combined capabilities of both companies Remtec is able to offer sensor designers a number of interrelated metallization technologies including thick and thin films, PCTF® metallization and AgENIG® (Electroless Ni-Immersion Au over thick film Ag).

Remtec and LTI will display their products and capabilities at booth 1318 in the Sensor Expo June 21-23 in San Jose.

Remtec Inc.
Norwood, MA
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Legacy Technologies Inc.
Mission, KS
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