Remote TTL I/O Card from Mesa Electronics

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Mesa Electronics

Suited for use in high-performance industrial automation and machine tool applications, the 7I69 from Mesa Electronics, Richmond, CA, is a remote 48-point TTL I/O card designed for fast real-time PC-based control systems. The card communicates with the host via an RS-422 link and provides 48 open-collector TTL-compatible I/O points. The I/O connectors are two 50-pin headers with I/O module rack compatible pinouts. The card is supported by the company's FPGA cards which provide a simple parallel register interface to the host, with all protocol details handled by the smart interface. A single FPGA card can support up to 32 external devices and up to 3072 control points while maintaining a 10 kHz service rate for all points.

Contact Info

Company: Mesa Electronics
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 510-223-9272
Fax: 510-223-9585

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