Remote Sensing - The Next Generation Technology in Agriculture Powered by iConcept

HYDERABAD, India -- iConcept unveils Remote Sensing application, a tailor-made solution especially for agri-business enterprises. The solution helps enterprises capture, analyze and share crop acreage and crop production data. Understanding the changing trends in time-sensitive information such as crop shifts, acreage and production estimates at different geography levels i.e. state, district and taluk can help agri-business enterprises involved in agriculture inputs and post-harvest solutions to frame their strategies well in advance of the season.

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing features and event on earth. Remote sensing is a process of gathering information from a distance.

With GIS and RS technology we can do the following:
1. Crop Type Identification
2. Crop Acreage estimation
3. Crop Condition Assessment
4. Crop Yield Estimation
5. Draught and Flood Analysis
6. Crop water requirement assessment
7. Site Suitability Analysis (GIS)

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