Remote Opener Offers Incredible Convenience and Security

LEWISVILLE, TX -- Imagine you're at work and your babysitter accidentally locks herself and your children out of the house. Or a stranger somehow opens the garage door of your summer home. To help you with these and many other potential situations, Overhead Door, the inventor of the upward lifting garage door, has launched its new smart device enabled garage door controller, OHD Anywhere™. OHD Anywhere™ allows homeowners to remotely monitor, as well as change, the open/close position of a garage door from their compatible smart device, providing convenience and peace of mind to those who need to know the status of their garage door while away from home. In addition, OHD Anywhere™ can be especially convenient for families who wish to monitor an elderly parent's house or a vacation home.

"The OHD Anywhere™ controller makes homeowners the master of their garage's security, which for many people is the main entry to their house," said Ali Isham, marketing director at Overhead Door. "The ability to open the garage door for a loved one or neighbor, or instantly know if there is unexpected operation of the garage door is now literally at their fingertips."

The OHD Anywhere™ system uses a Wi-Fi® enabled door control module, incorporating the low-power SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC3200 wireless MCU from Texas Instruments (TI)*, to safely allow a homeowner to remotely operate the garage door from virtually anywhere. If the garage door is activated from the owner's smart device, there will be an audible and visual notification, giving those around the garage door ample warning that it is about to move. The system is UL 325 compliant and can be used in conjunction with, or in place of, the opener's standard wall console.

Along with the Wi-Fi® control module, OHD Anywhere™ comes with a door position sensor that attaches to the garage door itself. The sensor relays any change in its position to the control module, allowing the homeowner to know whether the door is open or closed via a signal to their smart device. Unlike remote access systems that are built into the powerhead, OHD Anywhere™ offers increased security by alerting a homeowner even if the garage door is opened or closed manually after someone has disengaged the door from the opener. One sensor comes standard with the unit; additional sensors can be purchased to monitor up to three doors.

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