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Much is said and being done in the medical/healthcare arena around remote monitoring of both healthy individuals and those with medical conditions that require consistent monitoring on a daily or hourly basis. Of course, this is wrapped up in the IoT concept, but of all the IoT apps floating around out there, medical monitoring comes with some strict requirements in terms of accuracy, reliability, privacy, and security.


Olea Sensor Networks, a major player in intelligent sensors and analytic software for sensor network-based systems, addresses these issues with its OSN Quadcorder with HeartSignature. Currently a prototype system for contactless and remote vital sign monitoring, the OSN Quadcorder system includes a wireless, contactless device that’s able to collect and process heart rate, respiration rate and heart rate variability data. These parameters can be viewed by anyone using Olea's Quadcorder display, viewable on any mobile device.

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Using Olea's intelligent sensor analytics, data can be transmitted to the cloud for access by professional medical personnel. The monitoring device requires absolutely no touching, no holding, weighs about 1 oz., and can be carried in a shirt pocket or worn on a lanyard. It also features the ability to provide an individual's HeartSignature, which identifies the patient based upon their unique vital sign patterns.

Frank Morese, Olea CEO/CTO and founder, explains, “No one else in the industry can offer anything like this. This system offers four types of data in one device as well a motion activity sensing, it's truly contactless, is easy to use and has accuracy equal to or better than today's ECGs and spirometers. Furthermore, no one else is offering a proven biometric based upon a person's vital signs which cannot be duplicated or fraudulently produced. We are very excited to be offering the OSN QuadcorderTM to the right partner to bring it into production and to the market.”


On paper, or screen, this all sounds exciting and promising. To see it in action, Olea will be demoing the system at CES 2018, January 9-12, 2018, in Las Vegas, NV. Olea Sensor Networks is taking appointments to demonstrate their core technologies. Contact Andre Morese via email at [email protected] to secure a time.


For more info now, you can read about HeartSignature technology and the Oleas’s related designs.


Olea Sensor Networks

Reno, NV




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