Relay Coupler Resides In 6.2-mm DIN Rail Housing

Relay Coupler Resides In 6.2-mm DIN Rail Housing

The company’s latest relay coupler measures a mere 6.2 mm wide, enabling simple installation and ease of use. Via interchangeable relays or optocouplers, it can be adapted to various requirements. Diverse colored cross-connection combs facilitate installation and ensure a clear layout. The unit consists of five different types. The basic version is the IRC relay coupler for universal use. Like all other units from this series, it features either a pressure spring wire connection system (Push-In) or an e screw wire-connect system. Similar to the basic version, the IRCP model with an optional integrated fuse module can be used in all systems. It provides protection for each coupling relay output with a replaceable 5 mm x 20 mm standard micro fuse. The input/output models IRCPI and IRCPO provide an additional wire port that can be cross-connected, allowing for all three wires of a sensor in a PLC input or all wires of an output-side power relay or contactor to be connected directly to the coupling relay. The MFR-IRCP model is a time-function coupler component that acts as a time relay.

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