Regenerative Blowers Quell Corrosions And Explosions

Regenerative Blowers Quell Corrosions And Explosions

Providing safe handling of corrosive and potentially explosive gases, Rotron ChemTough regenerative blowers take on methane extraction and flaring and other challenging applications. They are suitable for use in a wide range of oil-rig, oil-field, landfill, wastewater, and chemical processing applications. The blowers employ regenerative air technology to develop proper air pressures and vacuums, accomplished without the higher energy and maintenance costs associated with larger multi-stage or positive displacement blowers and compressors. Permanent salt spray resistance also makes them ideal for aquaculture. Other features include nickel-plated components and 303 stainless steel motor shafts and hardware. Custom designed seals ensure leak containment.  

AMETEK Precision Motion Control
Harleysville, PA


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Company: AMETEK Rotron
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