Reference Design Board Enables 48V Li-Ion Battery Monitoring

Reference Design Board Enables 48V Li-Ion Battery Monitoring

Provides a complete solution for monitoring high-side current plus cell voltages and temperatures, the company’s reference board for a simple 48V automotive battery monitoring system is suitable for use in the next generation of single 48V lithium battery systems. It is also viable for dual 48V/12V battery systems, such as those used in passenger and light commercial vehicles and electric scooters and motorbikes. The 48V board measures the flow of current through the battery, and the voltage and temperature of the entire battery and individual cells. The board’s high-side current sensor is connected to the battery’s positive terminal. A battery disconnect switch on the board is automatically actuated when the current sensor detects an overload condition. This protects the battery’s cells from damage and helps to prolong the life of the battery. The board also implements a method of cell balancing in hardware, without the intervention of a microcontroller or processor. It compares voltages of individual cells and switches the charge and discharge current between cells in order to maintain an equal voltage across all cells. For further information, visit

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