Reference Design Accelerates USB Type-C Docking Station Development

Reference Design Accelerates USB Type-C Docking Station Development
Texas Instruments (TI) Inc.

The company’s multiport USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD) minidock reference design provides audio, USB data, power, and video support. The reference design can be powered by a traditional power adapter, USB Type-C adapter, or notebook computer and provides a fully tested, verified plan for a 2 in. x 4 in. dock, said to be at least 50% smaller than existing docking solutions. Features include:

•Bidirectional power and data transfer: The design allows for autonomous PD negotiation for both source and sink, eliminating the need for an external microcontroller.
•Smallest solution size: By combining the highly integrated TPS65982 with other USB Type-C components in an optimized circuit, the minidock reference design allows engineers to develop up to 50 percent smaller docking stations compared to other designs available on the market with similar, comprehensive features.
•DisplayPort and High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) design flexibility: The minidock also supports USB 3.0 or 4K resolution video and digital audio through various output options.
•Fast development time: All integrated circuits (ICs) within the design are compliant with the current USB Type-C and PD standards, simplifying and speeding engineers' design cycles.
•Simple implementation: The design combines the complete solution of TI USB Type-C and PD-compliant ICs, including port controllers, data multiplexers, DC/DC converters, load switches, field-effect transistors (FETs), signal conditioners and circuit protection, easing product selection and purchasing during design implementation.

The minidock TI Designs reference design (TIDA-01243) is available for download. An evaluation module is also on hand. The USB-CTM-MINIDK-EVM is priced at $499. To download the reference design, test data, schematic and more, visit  

Texas Instruments Inc.
Dallas, TX

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