Reference Design Accelerates Smart Garment Development

Reference Design Accelerates Smart Garment Development

Peak+ is described as an innovative smart garment reference design for building an integrated textile heart-rate monitoring solution. Introduced at the Wearable Tech Show USA in Santa Clara, California, the reference design is the fruit of a partnership between Jabil, Clothing+, Suunto (manufacturer of heart rate monitors), and Firstbeat (provider of physiological analytics for sports, fitness, and wellbeing). The Peak+ design includes:
• Clothing+ textile-integrated electronics that disappear into fabrics for comfort, durability and convenience.
• Suunto wireless transmitter that transfers measurement data collected from garment sensors to a smartphone app, providing access to tracked heart-rate data.
• Firstbeat research-based, patented analytics of heart-rate data providing insight and actionable feedback into stress, recovery, and effects of physical training.
• Jabil’s ideation, design, manufacturing, and supply-chain expertise.

As the E-textile industry’s first reference design, Clothing+, Suunto, Firstbeat and Jabil intend to minimize the time and risk associated with smart garment development.

Jabil Circuit Inc.
St. Petersburg, FL

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