Redundant DA System from Dataforth

Redundant DA System from Dataforth
Dataforth Corp.

Dataforth Corp., Tucson, AZ, offers the isoLynx SLX200-30 dual-Ethernet industrial DA system that provides two independent, 10Base-T Ethernet ports, each of which implements Modbus TCP. Features include support for simultaneous communication with both Ethernet ports, ability to support up to 4 socket connections at TCP port 502 for each Ethernet port, user-configurable port keepalive timeouts, and the ability to interface with more than 650 SCM5B analog I/O modules. The system combines a 6- or 12-channel I/O controller base system, optional 8- or 16-channel expansion backplanes, and the company's SCM5B analog and SCMB digital modules. The controller contains a high-speed microcontroller, A/D and D/A subsystem, communication interface, memory, and status LEDs.

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Company: Dataforth Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-444-7644
Fax: 520-741-0762

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