RedShift Systems, Imagize Announce Strategic Partnership

Burlington, MA -- RedShift Systems, a leading developer of optical thermal imaging solutions, and Imagize LLC, a Berkeley, CA based provider of fusion system-on-a-chip technology, today announced their collaborative effort to design and build the world's first truly affordable IR fusion camera solutions for security and other markets. RedShift contributes its optical thermal imaging-based Thermal Light Valve (TLV) technology and Imagize capitalizes on its unique technology which intelligently fuses thermal and visible imagery on a pixel by pixel basis in a small size, low power and light weight package. The companies will work together in 2007 to deliver breakthrough IR fusion solutions for security and surveillance applications where true 24/7 day/night situational awareness is desired.

RedShift's TLV enables a new generation of affordable infrared imaging devices that will rapidly expand the market for thermal imaging. Imagize's fusion system-on-a-chip solutions have been developed over a decade, and supported by the Office of Naval Research and other leading technology organizations. Initial applications include area surveillance and asset protection such as parking lot security, corporate or educational campus security and any environment where "area situational awareness" is needed.

The combination of thermal and visible imagery ensures early and accurate detection, as well as full identification, in even the most hostile environments—darkness, fog, smoke, shadows and severe weather. In addition, built-in motion tracking capability can add an even higher level of awareness and be used to reliably trigger recording equipment and generate operator alarms to notify security personnel about a live incident. Now, every security guard, corporate campus or perimeter can be protected with world-class fusion performance.

"Imagize provides additional expertise that enables us to make progress toward our goal of providing infrared imagery for everyone," said Stuart Nixdorff, co-founder and VP of Business Development at RedShift Systems. "Working together with Imagize we are now better positioned to expand thermal imaging aggressively into the commercial security market that has been unable to afford current expensive military grade solutions."

"RedShift's optical thermal imaging approach has incredible potential for lowering the cost of imaging components and expanding into markets where the high cost of microbolometer-based solutions have limited acceptance," said Frank Werblin, President of Imagize. "The fusion revolution is going to happen since it is clearly the best 24/7 imaging technology available. It's just been too expensive for mainstream markets but our partnership with RedShift is going to break through the pricing barrier."

About RedShift Systems, Inc.
RedShift Systems is enabling the mass-market application of thermal imaging cameras for thermography, firefighting, security and surveillance, automotive, and other industrial markets where high cost has historically limited deployment. Its core innovation, the Thermal Light Valve (TLV), is at the forefront of a new wave of thermal imaging modules and imagers based on optical readout technology. The TLV, when combined with commercial off-the-shelf CMOS or CCD imagers, delivers high quality imagery at a fraction of the cost of current solutions. For more information, visit the company's Web site.

About Imagize LLC
Imagize LLC is a leading developer and provider of advanced, real-time image processing and sensor fusion solutions mainly for the defense and security markets. With products targeted primarily at fulfilling demanding operational requirements for multi-spectral imaging systems, Imagize is offering compact, low-power OEM subsystems and system-on-a-chip solutions for sensor fusion and real-time embedded sensory information processing. Empowered by a unique, biologically motivated suite of algorithms resulting from over a decade of focused development, these advanced imaging platforms provide increased sensor performance and high reliability day/night operation under a wide range of operating conditions. For more information, visit the company's Web site.

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