Redmond Has Equipped Tea-kettles and Irons with Intelligence and Internet Access

LONDON -- The international brand Redmond has begun a revolution in small-scale household technology by launching a collection of smart home appliances: smart tea-kettle, internet iron, smart coffee machine, multi-cooker with internet access, smart furnace, and other unique devices.

These appliances are the only available household products for sale in the world with remote control capability and Redmond Smart Home management. One can manage the smart technology via a Bluetooth device or through the internet from anywhere in the world.

The Redmond Smart Home collection includes:

SkyKettle M171S Kettle (€89)
SkyIron C250S Iron (€69)
SkyCoffee M1505S Coffee Maker (€139)
SkyCooker M800S Multicooker (€259)
SkyHeat C4519S Heater (€179)
SkyScales 741S Scales (€49)
SkyBalance 740S Fitness Scales (€89)
Other devices -

With the help of a Ready for Sky application available on smartphones, a consumer can remotely boil or heat up water in a SkyKettle smart internet kettle, switch off or block from switching on a SkyIron internet iron, and make coffee in the morning before leaving the bed with a SkyCoffee smart coffee maker.

Sky Cooker internet multi-cooker will save consumers a lot of time. The consumer can switch the multi-cooker on remotely while on the way from work, and arrive to a cooked meal at home.

Sky Heat furnace remote control allows consumers to cut their power bill without sacrificing comfort and safety. It can be turned on or off and programs can be changed for optimal operation via the internet using a smartphone or tablet.

How does it work?

Redmond Smart Home smart technology can be controlled via:
•Application Ready For Sky, available on smartphones and tablets with Android 4.3+ or iOS 8+ operating systems.
•Bluetooth by turning on the Bluetooth device and connecting the Redmond technology to the account in the Ready For Sky application.
•Internet by installing R4S Gateway application on a smartphone or tablet that is located no further than 50 meters away from the Redmond smart appliance. Consumer will need to turn on the Bluetooth function on a gateway device with internet access to gain control of the Redmond Smart Home from any point in the world.

Pilot sales for the Redmond Smart Home technology are underway in Russia, while expansion to the European market is scheduled for 2016.

More information is available at

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