Recursion Software Offers Voyager Edge 6.0.1 Community Edition

FRISCO, TX /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Following the recent launch of Voyager Edge 6.0, Recursion Software Inc., a global provider of software development solutions, announced the availability of Voyager Edge 6.0.1 Community Edition. The community license provides developers free access to the complete Voyager Edge framework for building and extending applications to wireless and embedded systems, and is reserved for development and modeling purposes only. Voyager Edge bridges the gaps in the enterprise computing environment by extending .NET and/or Java server functionality to PDAs, smart phones, sensors, cameras, RFID readers, and more to deliver business intelligence to multiple locations.

Voyager Edge enables corporations and organizations to build intelligent and dynamic applications. These applications can be widely distributed and run on multiple wireless networks while maintaining interoperability with many different enterprise systems.

"Voyager Edge 6.0.1 opens the door to unprecedented capabilities to create software applications using intelligent mobile agent technology that seamlessly spans multiple systems and operating environments," said Paul Lipari, President and CEO, Recursion Software Inc. "It provides virtually unlimited flexibility for developing applications that can deliver and retrieve highly targeted information in real time to the widest range of devices across widely distributed and ad hoc network environments. The widespread availability of the free community edition will introduce both the Java and .NET developer communities to a solution that is paving the way for next-generation applications development."

The community edition is a free download from the Recursion Software Web site and several popular developer Web sites. These include and all other partner sites. The program is for development only and must be restarted every eight hours. The license will expire December 5, 2007, regardless of when the download is initiated, but can be extended through future, free version upgrades.

About Recursion Software Inc.
Recursion Software, an innovative provider of distributed computing solutions, works at the forefront of technology to help enterprises create and extend next-generation applications. Founded in 2001, Recursion was built on proven technologies through the acquisition of intellectual property and several product lines from ObjectSpace Inc. The company has added increased functionality to its intelligent mobile agent offerings and has built new products that address today's most pertinent business challenges. Recursion has been issued multiple patents for its mobile agent and distributed computing technology and continues to evolve its offerings. Recursion's clients include defense, financial, computer technology, and telecommunications technology leaders. For more information on Recursion Software, go to the company's Web site.

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