Recursion Launches Enhanced Development Platform

FRISCO, TX /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- As enterprise technology evolves toward intelligent, fully distributed computing environments, Recursion Software Inc., a global provider of software development solutions, announced the launch of Voyager Edge 6.0, its powerful intelligent distributed computing platform for creating and extending next-generation applications. With the commercial availability of this new release, Voyager Edge's intelligent mobile agent technology now extends seamlessly across Java and .NET environments and supports a total range of devices, from enterprise servers to handhelds such as PDAs, sensors and cameras.

By deploying Voyager Edge 6.0, corporations and organizations can build intelligent, mobile applications that are widely distributed and dynamic, and run on multiple wireless networks, as well as embedded or wireless (edge) devices while maintaining interoperability with many different enterprise systems.

Additional enhancements evident in Voyager Edge 6.0 harness the power of intelligent mobile agent technology to increase multi-language support, messaging capabilities, and database integration. This better enables fast and flexible development of intelligent and decentralized applications in the software language and system of choice.

"We have evolved our Voyager Edge solution to better support real-time sharing of business intelligence across widely distributed and heterogeneous networks," said Paul Lipari, president and CEO, Recursion Software Inc. "With today's announcement, systems architects and CTOs can confidently prepare any organization for both today's and tomorrow's distributed computing environments, solving both technology and business challenges."

Intelligent mobile agents deployed through Voyager Edge will execute business rules against large volumes of distributed data resulting in a true distributed knowledge network. Through enhanced interoperability, the new release enables applications to communicate among heterogeneous systems, programs, and application languages in a high-performance manner that increases productivity and extensibility. Voyager Edge 6.0 is lightweight and enables applications to work on any device, including multiple edge devices in a peer-to-peer environment. Additionally, the new technology offers decentralized synchronous, asynchronous, future, and one-way messaging, along with enhanced applications built into the platform to provide enhanced levels of data security.

Specific new features of Voyager Edge 6.0, include:

  • Support for applications written in C#, VB, .NET, and Managed C++
  • Extension of mobile agent capabilities to .NET
  • Ability for classes written in Java, C#, VB, .NET, and Managed C++ to be turned into mobile agents without additional coding
  • Automatically exposes mobile agents as Document Literal Web Services with no additional coding

The unique architecture of Voyager Edge allows for pluggable protocol support, dynamic proxy generation, distributed garbage collection, multiple "virtual machine" byte code support, and many other advanced, patented distributed computing, messaging, and mobile agent features.

About Recursion Software Inc.
Recursion Software, an innovative provider of distributed computing solutions, works at the forefront of technology to help enterprises create and extend next-generation applications. Founded in 2001, Recursion was built on proven technologies through the acquisition of intellectual property and several product lines from ObjectSpace Inc. The company has added functionality to its intelligent mobile agent offerings and has built new products that address today's most pertinent business challenges. Recursion has been issued multiple patents for its mobile agent and distributed computing technology, and continues to evolve its offerings. Recursion's clients include defense, financial, computer technology, and telecommunications technology leaders. For more information on Recursion Software, visit the company's Web site.

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