Rear View Safety Debuts New Ford Transit Third Brake Light Backup Camera

NEW YORK, NY -- Rear View Safety announces the release of its new Ford Third Brake Light backup camera system designed specifically for the 2015 Ford Transit. The Ford Transit backup camera comes with a wide range of different features that will protect both pedestrians and drivers alike around the country.

One of the most important elements of the RVS-920 Ford Transit backup camera system is the way that it effortlessly integrates into the vehicle and is specific to the 2015 Ford Transit. It is designed to replace the innovative third brake light on the vehicle, giving the entire system a clean, factory-like install. Unless a person was specifically told otherwise, they wouldn't even necessarily be able to tell that the unit was installed at all.

The RVS-920 also brings with it a host of innovative features that cannot be ignored. It comes complete with a 170 degree viewing angle and six infrared illuminators, giving drivers the most clean and crisp image at all times. A person will never have to guess if the dashboard display is showing an actual object behind their vehicle or some type of digital interference - with a picture this detailed, they will know beyond the shadow of a doubt, regardless of the current lighting conditions that they face.

The RVS-920 also comes with a state-of-the-art Sony sensor with 480 TV lines. It is also completely waterproof and features an excellent IP68 rating, allowing it to perform above and beyond a person's expectations each time the vehicle is turned on. A one-year warranty, a full fifteen-foot cable and an RCA adapter are also included.

To celebrate the release of the RVS-920 backup camera for Ford Transit, Rear View Safety is equally proud to make this the Featured Product of the Month of August 2015. In addition to highlighting the new system and the many different benefits that it brings to the table, it can also be purchased for the entire month at an incredible 10% discount over the suggested retail price. This brings the final cost to purchase the product down from $199.99 to $179.99. True road safety has never been more efficient and more affordable.

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