Real-time Oil Condition Sensor Enables Commercial Fleet Service

SANTA CLARA, Calif. & GRAND BLANC, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Stargate Mobile will offer real-time oil condition monitoring services for commercial vehicle fleets using Symyx Technologies' onboard telematics package.


The Symyx oil condition sensor is designed to allow commercial vehicle owners and fleet managers to use data from real time, in-situ sensors to assess the quality and condition of engine oil in their fleets. The use of such sensors can provide significant cost and time savings over traditionally scheduled, time-based maintenance for the upkeep of commercial vehicles.


Symyx will develop, supply and license the sensor, which is targeted for introduction in mid-2007, while Stargate Mobile will market and sell it exclusively in the field of commercial vehicles. Stargate develops and delivers mobile solutions, including telematics (wireless communication) and mobile computing devices, to OEM upfitters who customize commercial vehicles for both small and large businesses. Stargate Mobile is the exclusive provider of Ford Motor Co.'s Fordlink mobile office service.


"The use of Symyx Sensors can provide a tremendous advantage in accurately monitoring the condition and quality of motor oil to optimize and stay ahead of maintenance needs," stated Isy Goldwasser, President of Symyx Technologies. "We are the first to offer this solution to the marketplace and we look forward to continuing our work with Stargate Mobile to deliver pioneering solutions that benefit the commercial vehicle market."


"In the commercial vehicle market, finding the most cost efficient way to maintain a high level of performance and reliability is critical to keeping up with customer demands," stated John Cooper, Chief Executive Officer of Stargate Mobile. "With their innovative sensor and successful track record of bringing technological improvements to customers, Symyx emerged as the best partner to help us provide our customers with new solutions that provide competitive advantage."


Lubrication management assures better vehicle performance, as oil condition can vary greatly based on environmental conditions. Sensor-equipped vehicles will reduce the cost of ownership and minimize the consumption of natural resources by allowing operators to maximize the useful life of their engine oil.


Symyx Sensors were developed for use within Symyx Technologies' internal research programs. Symyx's patented tuning fork technology, developed as a single-sensor platform, has direct application for providing real-time, in-situ measurements and monitoring of the viscosity, density, and dielectric constant of lubricants, refrigerants, fuels, solvents, gases and other single and multiphase fluid mixtures. In addition to the Stargate partnership, Symyx is currently working with Hella KG to market and distribute its oil condition sensors in the passenger vehicle market.



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