Rate Meter/Totalizer Follows The Flow

Rate Meter/Totalizer Follows The Flow
Kobold Instruments Inc.

Battery powered, the EDM rate meter and totalizer measures the flow of water and low viscosity liquids ranging from 0.3 GPM to 600 GPM. Using a replaceable lithium battery allows installation in virtually any location. Results are displayed on a LCD readout and the EDM’s modular design allows for a variety of electronic modules to further enhance its versatility. Available options for most models include remote display and a frequency output or a 4- to 20-mA analog signal output. Polyamide, Aluminum, PVDF or Stainless Steel body construction allow for compatibility with a wide variety of process media. The electronics feature one rate and two totalizing LCD displays. For more details and specs, a datasheet and user manual are available.

Datasheet: http://koboldusa.com/sites/default/files/product_files/EDM_datasheet.pdf
User Manual: http://koboldusa.com/sites/default/files/product_files/EDM_datasheet_man.pdf

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Company: Kobold Instruments Inc.
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