Raman Spectrometers from StellarNet

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StellarNet Inc.

StellarNet Inc., Tampa, FL, offers the Raman-SR and Raman-HR spectrometers for Raman spectroscopy applications involving quick identification of a variety of liquid, solid, or powder samples. The devices include enhanced CCD array detectors for 785 nm Raman or cooled 1024-element InGaAs photodiode arrays for 1064 nm Raman where interference from sample fluorescence is minimized and virtually nonexistent. The standard Raman-SR and high-resolution Raman-HR models achieve 8 cm–1 and 4 cm–1 resolution, respectively, using CCD detector arrays. They are fiber-optically connected, ruggedized, and compact for portable and field applications.

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Company: StellarNet Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 813-855-8687
Fax: 813-855-0394

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