Rajant, Sydion Collaborate for Wireless Patient Tracking

MALVERN, PA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rajant Corporation, a leading provider of portable, reliable, and adaptable wireless networking solutions, partnered with Sydion, LLC to provide a portable real-time wireless electronic patient tracking system for the 60th anniversary 'Wings of Freedom Air Show' at Pope Air Force Base. Located in Cumberland County, NC, Pope Air Force Base is the home of the United States Air Force Air Mobility Command 43d Airlift Wing and Headquarters, 23rd Fighter Group of Air Combat Command and the 373rd Training Squadron.

"We are excited to partner with Sydion, LLC to assist in mobile patient tracking," said Glenn Booth, Vice President of Marketing for Rajant. "The BreadCrumb system is designed to include support for RFID-based solutions, particularly in medical and first response applications where quick deployment is required. Rajant's portable wireless systems can be deployed within minutes with a single switch and quickly adapt to mobile client devices or other BreadCrumbs units on the move. With this partnership, we very much look forward to helping first responders become more efficient, help to reduce response time and potentially save lives."

An estimated 120,000 people attended the final air show at Pope Air Force Base. Pope Air Force Medical staff, Fort Bragg EMS and North Carolina State Medical Assistance Team provided medical support for everything from heat exhaustion to stabilizing patients onsite for transport to neighboring hospitals.

Sydion, LLC created the first integrated mobile electronic tracking system for Patient, People and Pets. This system allowed participating agencies at the Air Show to work in unison to manage patient care and coordinate incident resources.

After the temporary medical tent was erected by the North Carolina State Medical Assistance Team, Sydion provided eight roving Air Force Medic Teams with ruggedized wireless handheld computers (PDAs) connected to the Rajant network. These PDAs ran Sydion's Mobile Crisis Management Suite application to capture medical and treatment information. This information gave a snapshot of current overall medical status, additional needed resources and whether further medical assistance was required. All information was transmitted over the Rajant BreadCrumb network to Medical Command.

"We are thrilled to be working with Rajant," said Jared Johnson, Managing Director of Sydion, LLC. "We have been researching portable wireless systems that are mobile which can be quickly and easily deployed. We found the Rajant BreadCrumb devices to be a perfect fit for us to deploy our Mobile Crisis Management Suite. The BreadCrumb units are easy to configure, mobile, rugged and can deal with a changing medical response environment in real-time."

During the Air Show, the agencies and medical command were able to view real-time information via Sydion's Patient Tracking Dashboard. The Dashboard organizes and maintains all collected data allowing quick and easy control of incident scenes. This application was instrumental in providing personnel with real-time metrics to determine how many patients were affected and what additional resources were required. At the close of the event, medical command generated final reports summarizing all collected information.

Future projects include a mass vaccination exercise with Stanislaus County Health Services Agency in Modesto, CA and a patient tracking mock disaster exercise with Advocate Trinity Hospital in Chicago, IL.

State Medical Assistance Team II (SMAT II) focuses on hospital-based capabilities (medical surgical capabilities). Each county and hospital in North Carolina is included in at least one of eight Regional Advisory Committees (RACs). One function of this committee is to create a Disaster Planning Committee (DPC) to facilitate the planning and communication of first responders and first receivers (hospitals) by developing a regional disaster plan to improve the utilization of information and resources during an actual event. These teams are primarily funded through the federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR).

About Sydion's Mobile Crisis Management Suite
MCMS Sydion's electronic Mobile Crisis Management Suite enables you to remotely scan and track individuals or items in an MCI event or in everyday events. The system contains modules for tracking patients, people and inventory. Data is remotely collected via barcode scanners or magnetic stripe reader equipped handheld units that wirelessly transmit data and camera images to the Command Console server. All data is aggregated and stored in the remote database ready for real-time analysis and reporting.

Sydion, LLC specializes in mobile data collection and information dissemination for evacuee, shelter, patient, animal, asset and inventory tracking with focus on surge capacity, family reunification, pandemic flu tracking, triage and treatment area tracking and field managed inventory tracking. We were formed out of the necessity of the first responder community to have a robust and reliable field data collection system that can be used to collect patient, personnel and equipment information. For more information, please visit the Sydion Web site or call 714-814-6070.

About Rajant Corporation
Rajant enables secure communications-on-the-move through a portable meshed wireless network that can rapidly reconfigure and adapt in real-time. Rajant's BreadCrumb Wireless solutions provide networks for mining, homeland security, u.s. military, first responders and public safety. BreadCrumb technology provides voice and data communications across a meshed, self-healing network that can communicate with IP based client devices such as laptops, PDAs, video cameras, satellite terminals, networked radios, RFID's and sensor devices. For more information, please visit the Rajant Web site or call (484) 595-0233.