Radiometers, Joulemeters from Spectrum Detector

Radiometers, Joulemeters from Spectrum Detector
Spectrum Detector Inc.

TRAP Series digital radiometers and joulemeters from Spectrum Detector Inc., Lake Oswego, OR, provide <1% measurement uncertainty on multiple points across the spectrum. Based on wedge TRAP concepts pioneered at NIST, the system is contained within a single, compact, USB-powered probe housing. The TRAP consists of a large-area black pyroelectric detector opposite a large-area broadband mirror in a 15° wedge configuration. The wedge is designed so that 99% of the light passing through the 5 mm aperture is absorbed and measured, providing a spectral response from 0.25–15 µm that is flat to 1% or better. You connect the probe to a PC via its USB port and begin measuring using LabVIEW software.

Contact Info

Company: Spectrum Detector Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 503-697-1870
Fax: 503-697-0633

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