Radiant Vision Systems Announces New Conoscope Lens for ProMetric® Imaging Photometer and Colorimeter

REDMOND, WA --- Radiant Vision Systems announces the release of a new conoscope lens for Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric® imaging photometers and colorimeters. The conoscope lens measures the color, luminance, and contrast of multiple angular distributions of light at once, allowing flat panel display (FPD) manufacturers to quickly and accurately capture viewing angle performance measurements for displays in real-time.

By mounting a conoscope lens directly to a ProMetric® imaging photometer or colorimeter, Radiant Vision Systems now offers an efficient solution for viewing angle performance measurement for a wide range of display types, including those based on LCD and OLED technologies, as well as backlights. The conoscope lens solution simultaneously acquires viewing angle measurements to ±60 degrees. It does so with reduced hardware size and complexity compared to typical goniometric measurement systems for R&D applications.

Additionally, the camera and lens can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of goniometric solutions. Because of its speed and compact form factor, the conoscope lens solution is also ideally-suited for in-line inspection of displays during production. This capability enables real-time pass/reject operations based on display viewing angle performance data, eliminating poor-quality components from the line and identifying quality trends before significant materials loss. Using the conoscope lens, Radiant Vision Systems cameras can even be applied concurrently in R&D and production environments to capture identical measurements of viewing angle data for seamless evaluation of displays throughout an entire product lifecycle, from initial characterization to quality control.

The Radiant Vision Systems conoscope lens mounts directly to the ProMetric Y16 Photometer or ProMetric I16 Colorimeter using a custom bracket, and provides viewing angle light and color measurements with a 3 mm diameter inspection point. All Radiant Vision Systems cameras feature ProMetric Software, which provides intuitive camera set-up and customizable automated measurement sequences. Extensive data analysis and display functions are also supported, including isometric plots, cross-section graphs, radar plots, bitmaps, and CIE color plots. Radiant Vision Systems integrates thousands of inspection solutions into production settings worldwide, with proven expertise to implement conoscope measurement solutions directly on the line to enable manufacturers to evaluate devices for display viewing angle performance in time with production.

For additional information, visit http://www.RadiantVisionSystems.com

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