Radial-Lead Caps Eye General Purpose Apps

New Yorker Electronics, a New Jersey based distributor, is now carrying the latest HJR Series radial-lead, general-purpose aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Illinois Capacitor. The series is an upgrade from the HSM series and features a lifespan up to 2,000 hours at +125°C and a shelf life of 1,000 hours at 125°C with no voltage applied.


The HJR Series is small with high-voltage, making it very useful in inverter, DC link, AC/DC motor control and solar inverter applications. The HJR capacitors offer capacitance values between 1 µF and 4700 µF in voltages of 16 WVdc to 450 WVdc and are lead free and RoHS compliant. For more details, visit NEW YORKER ELECTRONICS and/or call 201-750-1171.


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