Quoteme.ie Launches Car Safety Technology Resource

Do you and your family feel safe in your car? Yes or no, do you want to know all the current safety features you may or may not be enjoying as part of your road travels.

To answer those questions, online insurer Quoteme.ie offers ‘Current and Future Car Safety Technology’, an online resource that disseminates information on how new safety technologies, most of which employ sensors,  are impacting on road safety. While information on this topic is available online, it is distributed among different websites, and based on data from a variety of sources and channels. The aim of the Quoteme.ie guide is to provide this information in a single web location in order to facilitate knowledge sharing and awareness.

The Quoteme.ie resource includes ten current and ten future life-saving advancements delivering significant benefits, which have reduced dangers on the roads, and that have the potential to impact positively upon road safety in the future. The resource’s unique format offers users the ability to study safety technologies which have already been embraced by the vehicle manufacturing industry.

The resource also provides details on new technologies which will eventually replace capabilities performed exclusively by humans. The ‘Current and Future Car Safety Technology’ online resource highlights which pioneering manufacturers are already incorporating cutting-edge innovation into some of their more advanced vehicle models.

For more details, visit https://www.quoteme.ie/car-safety-technology

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