Quickfilter IC Chosen for Oceana Wireless Sensor Module

ALLEN, TX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Quickfilter Technologies, Inc., a fabless semiconductor company that develops mixed-signal ICs based on a programmable finite impulse response (FIR) engine for digital signal processing, has announced that its 4-channel programmable signal converter, designated the QF4A512, has been selected by Oceana Sensor Module, LLC for its wireless sensor module (WSeM).

The WSeM is designed to provide four channels of general-purpose analog sensor data acquisition and filtering for wireless sensor networks. The WSeM contains Quickfilter's QF4A512 programmable filter with integrated A/D conversion and filtering, along with an onboard processor with 802.11 wireless communications capability supplied by GainSpan Corporation and designated the GS1010 SoC (System-on-a-Chip), on one printed circuit board.

"Quickfilter's QF4A512 provides our customers the ability to implement custom filters in minutes instead of the days or weeks required by using traditional approaches," explained Jens Hult, Oceana Sensor's Chief Technology Officer. "This helps increase the efficiency and speed of the WSeM by relieving the on-board processor of the computational requirements for digital filtering."

"Ocean Sensor has developed a unique low-power application for wireless sensor networks that provides the user with the ability to use their current 802.11 network," said Don DiDonato, Quickfilter Technologies' Vice President of Worldwide Sales. "Using a networking standard which is pervasive in most enterprises allows the WSeM to be a drop-in replacement for a wired sensor-based system. This reduces dramatically the time-to-market for a customer implementation."

The WSeM is available today in production quantities. Pricing is $75 at 1 to 50 units.

About Quickfilter Technologies
Quickfilter Technologies, Inc. uses patent pending techniques for implementing a programmable IC that allows an engineer to design a custom circuit for signal processing without the cost and complexity of programming a DSP. Using the Quickfilter solution, it is possible to create and begin operating a custom four-channel analog front end, digital converter and multi-stage digital filter in less than five minutes. Quickfilter's products are ideally suited for sensors in industrial monitoring and control, medical equipment, homeland security, and engine control applications.

The Quickfilter solution comprises over a dozen individual component functions, both analog and digital, into a single integrated circuit (IC) that is programmable using Quickfilter software. This enables customers to rapidly complete a design at significantly lower cost and higher performance. In addition, the IC can be reprogrammed in circuit during design, at the time of shipment or in the field.

Quickfilter Technologies Inc. is a private equity funded fabless semiconductor company founded in 2003 by Bob Silco and located in Allen, TX. The company is developing a family of programmable mixed-signal integrated circuits that convert noisy analog signals into clean, usable digital signals.

About Oceana Sensor
Oceana Sensor, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, is a high volume manufacturer of OEM targeted sensors and a developer of Wireless e-Diagnostics which are smart, network capable, wireless sensor systems that feature the intelligent component health monitor, or ICHM, Wireless Single Point Accelerometer, Wireless Single Point Sensing Node, and several other Wireless Single Point Sensor designs. Wireless e-Diagnostics applications include machinery monitoring, active vibration control, seismic monitoring, process control, impact detection and structural acoustics. WSeM expands our market focus to building automation, medical applications and process monitoring.

WSeM is a trademark of Oceana Sensor Module, LLC.

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