Queens University Human Media Lab Unveils Ground Breaking Technologies Featuring Flexpoint Sensor Systems’ Bend Sensor

DRAPER, UT -- Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. announces Kingston, Ontario, Canada based Queens University and its Human Media Lab (HML), one of Canada's premier media laboratories under the direction of Dr. Roel Vertegaal, have developed a number of exciting, future-forward technologies featuring Flexpoint Bend Sensor technology.

The Human Media Lab mandate is to develop truly disruptive technologies and new ways of working with computing technologies including an industry-first, patented flexible smart phone – ReFlex.

Dr. Vertegaal, a long-time advocate and devotee of the Flexpoint Bend Sensor® for integrated use in their research, directs the Human Media Lab in conducting research of various types, and has emerged as a globally recognized specialist/expert in Organic User Interfaces (OUI); an exciting new paradigm that allows computers to have any shape or form through flexible displays and other non-flat display technologies. Actuation of these technologies is enabled in large part through the integration of next generation materials, the Flexpoint Bend Sensor® technology and advanced power and electronics designs/techniques.

"FlexPoint Sensor Systems has been crucial to the Human Media Lab's success in bringing low-cost, thinfilm and flexible sensors to market that allows easy integration into our prototypes. This unique product is what has enabled our bend sensing interfaces, including PaperPhone, PaperTab and ReFlex," Dr. Vertegaal commented.

The Human Media Lab and Queen's University (founded in 1841) have a very impressive history of featuring world-class, talented researchers spanning various fields of study. This year's Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to a Queen's University professor. Queen's and the HML have graduated an impressive number of PhD students over the years. Many of these talented professionals move on to organizations and companies throughout the world and attain ground breaking technological and, often, tremendous commercial success. The HML also conducts funded research in conjunction with and on behalf of leading technology companies throughout the world.

Flexpoint and Dr. Vertegaal's HML are happy to announce their strategic partnership in developing these groundbreaking technologies and their applications. According to Paul Sexauer, Flexpoint VP of Sales and Marketing, "We are thrilled to be engaged with HML in supporting the design and development of exciting new technologies going forward. This collaboration represents a great opportunity to participate in ground-breaking research, continue to differentiate the Bend Sensor® technology, break barriers with thought leaders and push limits previously thought unimaginable."

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