Quartz High-Pressure Sensor from Kistler

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Kistler North America

The Type 6215 from Kistler North America, Novi, MI, is a quartz-based, high-precision pressure sensor for applications such as internal ballistics, closed bomb testing, and weapons discharge and cartridge chamber testing. The device incorporates a quartz crystal sensing element and front sealed diaphragm within a SS housing for low mechanical and thermal stresses on the sensor, no mounting gap, and reduced surface pressure within the sealing part. Features include a measurement range of 0–6000 bar, high-impedance output, –1.4 pC/bar sensitivity, natural frequency >240 kHz, ability to survive 25,000 g shock, a 1 µs rise time, and <±1% F.S. linearity across all pressure ranges.

Contact Info

Company: Kistler North America
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 888-547-8537

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