Quarter-Brick Converters Hit The Rails

MINMAX's next generation quarter-brick dc/dc converter modules, the MTQZ50 and the MTQZ75, conform to railway emission standard EN 50121-3-2, as well as railway safety standards EN50155 and IEC 60571. In addition, the new DC-DC converters also adhere to vibration and shock standards specified by EN 61373, environmental standards IEC/EN 60068-2-1,2,30, and fire protection standards EN45545-2.


The MTQZ50 and MTQZ75 DC-DC converter series, consisting of eight models, integrate an I/O isolation of 3000VAC, offering ultra-wide input voltage ranges of 72 (43-101 VDC) and 110 (66-160VDC) with outputs of 5V, 12V, 15V, and 24V. The next generation DC-DC converters, providing an efficiency level of up to 92%, feature remote on/off control, remote sense, output voltage trim, overload/over-voltage/temperature protection circuits, and convection cooled ambient temperatures.

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Product Overview




The high-performance MTQZ50 series of 50W dc/dc converters are especially designed for critical railway applications. Consisting of eight models, the series is available in traditional railway input voltages of 72(43-101) VDC and 110(66-160) VDC. The MTQZ50 converter modules, incorporating an advanced circuit topology, provide a high-efficiency level of up to 92%. Product features include overload and over-temperature protection, reinforced insulation, remote on/off control, as well as under-voltage shutdown. 




The MINMAX MTQZ75 series of industrial standard quarter brick 75W dc/dc converters are available in input voltages of 72(43-101) VDC and 110(66-160) VDC. The next generation dc/dc converter series integrates high-grade features, such as reinforced insulation, overload and over-temperature protection, under-voltage shutdown, as well as remote on/Off control. The high-performance series, specifically designed for complex railway applications, provides efficiency of up to 92%. 


Shared Features


•          Industrial Standard Quarter Brick Package

•          Wide Input Voltage Range

•          High Efficiency up to 92%

•          I/O Isolation 3000 VAC with Reinforced Insulation

•          No Min. Load Requirement

•          Overload /Voltage/Temperature/Short Circuit Protection

•          Remote On/Off, Output Voltage Trim, Output Sensing

•          Vibration and Shock meets EN 61373

•          Cooling, Dry & Damp Heat Test meet IEC/EN 60068-2-1,2,30

•          Fire Protection Test meets EN 45545

•          Railway EMC Standard meets EN 50121-3-2

•          Railway Certified meets EN 50155 (IEC 60571)

•          UL/cUL/IEC/EN 60950-1 Safety Approval & CE Marking


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