Quantum Sensing Platform Now A Reality

The Ram group launches its end -to-end platform consisting of quantum sensor technology, R&D labs, and global production facilities bringing quantum sensing from a dream of the future to reality of the present. Ram’s sensing platform utilizes GaN (Gallium Nitride) in conjunction with a set of proprietary materials that create a sensor that reportedly is over one million times more sensitive in signal-to-noise ratio than anything currently in the market.


This leap forward will enable use cases ranging from telehealth for minimally invasive diagnostics and novel wearable devices, to a new range of physical phenomenon sensing IoT devices with powerful data assets. For example, the company’s Home Health sensors include a Single Point Monitoring sensor that tracks continuous blood pressure, EKG with a novel signal, atrial and ventricular pressures, heart rate variability, and temperature without using electrodes and includes a Smart Urinalysis application that can analyze nutrition, metabolics and allergies, for example. The introduction of the quantum hardware will enable more robust machine learning and artificial intelligence by providing a range and depth of data previously inaccessible. 

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The Ram Group claims its sensors can be produced at one tenth the cost of silicon-based chips allowing global development at scale, with the ability to not only detect the smallest quantum particles but also analyze multiple aspects about these particles interactions, providing one sensor that can do the work of several and allowing detection at much lower densities/frequencies. 


Dr. Jody Ranck, EVP Global Strategy, Ram Group reports, “Quantum sensors such as Ram Group's have the potential to transform entire industries across healthcare, oil and gas, industry, defense, communications and aerospace. Novel data economies as well as basic scientific insights in physics that will drive further innovations are possible due to Ram Group's sensors. The impact over the next decade will save lives as well as transform our economy.” For more details and inquiries, visit the Ram Group.

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