Qualtré Demonstrates High Performance BAW MEMS Gyroscopes At Sensors Expo 2015

MARLBOROUGH, MA — Qualtré, Inc. says the company will be exhibiting and demonstrating its new products at Sensors Expo 2015, the leading forum on sensing technologies and solutions in North America, to be held June 9-11, in Long Beach, California at the Long Beach Convention Center.

In Booth #148, Qualtré will demonstrate its second generation high performance 3-axis BAW MEMS™ Gyroscope in a new MEMS sensor fusion application platform featuring 11 degrees of freedom (DOF). This application board combines 3 axes of gyroscopic data, 3 axes of accelerometer data, 3 axes of magnetic (compass) data, plus barometric pressure/altitude, and temperature sensors. The demo will also feature Qualtré’s sensor fusion application development software library that leverages the flexible Atmel® SMART SAM4E Flash microcontroller featuring the high-performance 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 RISC processor and floating point unit (FPU).

Qualtré will also demonstrate its new industrial-grade, three-axis angular rate BAW MEMS gyroscopes in the ALPS Electric booth #525. This demo features the vibration immunity of the Qualtré QGYR330Hx and another MEMS gyroscope from a well-known gyroscope supplier. Both gyros are integrated into a single joystick that drives two 3D drone models to demonstrate how each gyro reacts under normal conditions and when vibration is applied.

Qualtré specializes in sensors for industrial and high-performance consumer applications and delivers products with up to 3X the price/performance of competitive solutions. The company’s new and existing customers are testing its products in diverse application end-markets for a wide range of motion sensing challenges. Typical applications include: image stabilization for cameras and position sensing for robotics, IMUs, high-end wearables, agriculture and construction equipment, drones, and innovative applications such as sensors that can detect Parkinson's patients' tremors, measure them and administer medication accordingly.

Qualtré’s QGYR330Hx BAW MEMS™ Gyro was recently cited as a finalist for the “Best of Sensors Expo” awards to be announced on June 10. Previously, Qualtré was cited by EETimes as one of the top 15 MEMS/Analog startups to watch in 2015 and was included in EETimes list of “Silicon 60: Hot Startups.”

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