Quad Loop Splitter from Laurel Electronics

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Laurel Electronics Inc.

The Model QLS from Laurel Electronics Inc., Costa Mesa, CA, is a quad output 4–20 mA loop splitter and retransmitter with ±10 V common-mode isolation between inputs and outputs. The device sources up to 4 independently adjustable 4–20 mA outputs from a single input. Input to the quad loop splitter can be 4–20 mA, 1–5 V, 0–5 V, or 0–10 V; an excitation output is provided on the signal input side to drive a 2- or 3-wire transmitter at 24 VDC and up to 30 mA. Outputs can share a common ground. Inputs and outputs are mutually isolated to ±10 V. If any device in an output loop is removed from a loop or fails, or if a wiring fault occurs, the other loops continue to operate properly. (714-434-6131, fax 714-434-3766, [email protected], www.laurels.com)

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Company: Laurel Electronics Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 714-434-6131
Fax: 714-434-3766

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