Quad DAC Supports All Wireless and Mobile Frequency Standards

Quad DAC Supports All Wireless and Mobile Frequency Standards
Analog Devices Inc.

Supporting all the current wireless frequency standards, the AD9154 quad, 16-bit d/a converter delivers 2.4-Gsamples/s bandwidth. Reported as the only device of its kind to include an on-chip PLL and eight-lane JESD204B interface, the converter includes a range of features optimized for complex IF transmit applications including digital modulation, input-signal power detection, and gain, phase, and offset compensation. It features several interpolation modes, increasing the sampling rate of the digital signal to the Nyquist frequency to enable simpler, less costly transmitter filters following the d/a converter’s analog output. The AD9154 additionally includes digital-signal correction for quadrature modulator up-converters to cancel RF local oscillator feed-through and unwanted side-bands. For a datasheet, go to http://www.analog.com/AD9154

Watch a video at http://www/analog.com/AD9154video  

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