Pyrometers Get The AOPs

(Advanced Energy Industries)

Advanced Energy Industries’ Onyx-S and Onyx-S2C optical temperature pyrometers have gained Rockwell Automation Add-On Profiles (AOPs), enabling plug-and-play connectivity into Rockwell Automation controlled systems. The AOPs are custom software wizards that allow quick and easy configuration of third-party devices to communicate with Rockwell Automation control systems. Advanced Energy worked closely with Rockwell Automation to develop AOPs for the Onyx-S and Onyx-S2C with features that enable our customers to quickly integrate optical temperature pyrometers into their new and existing thermal processes.


The Onyx series optical temperature pyrometers meet demanding accuracy and precision requirements over a broad temperature range for industrial manufacturing applications and processes. To get the heat on these thermal devices, checkout the Onyx-S and Onyx-S2C datasheet and video. Also pay a visit to Advanced Energy.