PXI Express Switching Modules Offer 30X Better Isolation than Comparable Modules

IRVINE, CA --- VTI Instruments unveils SentinelEX PXI Express (PXIe) Switching Series, the latest addition to its SentinelEX PXIe Test and Measurement Suite. These new PXIe switch modules provide more than 30X better isolation than comparable modules, greatly improving overall performance and allowing test system engineers to maximize the performance of a system’s measurement instrumentation. By reducing the false pass/fail errors and intermittent faults often associated with marginal signal levels, PXIe switch modules help improve test system performance and reduce testing costs.

The PXIe Switching Series includes 11 multiplexer modules, 4 matrix modules, 2 general-purpose switching modules, 1 power switching module, 16 RF multiplexer modules, 2 RF matrix modules, and 11 microwave switching modules. They are compatible with 18-slot and 9-slot 3U PXI Express mainframes and a 4-slot portable PXI-hybrid mainframe, as well as digitizer, arbitrary waveform generator, programmable resistor, digital I/O, embedded controller and remote controller modules, all included in the SentinelEX PXIe Test and Measurement Suite.

The PXIe Switching Series offers test system builders exceptional performance and reliability through the use of extensive signal path shielding, which helps reduce cross-talk and improve channel-to-channel isolation. The ability to personalize the switch via software configuration combined with comprehensive, on-board health monitoring help to reduce system-level development and support costs.

VTI Instruments’ product line manager, Jon Semancik, notes, “Test system designers have long favored VTI’s VXI and LXI switching products for challenging ATE (automated test equipment) applications when they need superior signal integrity and end-to-end performance. With the expansion of the SentinelEX PXIe Switching Series, system architects are now able to choose the platform that best fits their needs while ensuring they are delivering high-fidelity signals throughout their test system.”

The switch modules in the PXIe Switching Series maximize test signal integrity through the use of advanced circuit board layout techniques that minimize the effects of unwanted transmission stubs, shield against radiated signals in adjacent slots, and extend the usable bandwidth of the test system as a whole.

The innovative software driver approach used in SentinelEX PXIe Test and Measurement Suite, which is based on IVI industry standards, allows a single driver session to control multiple modules as a subsystem, providing an application development environment that significantly reduces development time. Advanced triggering and module-to-module synchronization reduce test execution time; chassis smart health-monitoring and relay odometers allow for a predictive approach to maintenance.

The PXIe Switching Series is ideal for a variety of ATE markets and applications:

· Avionics test
· Electronics test
· Oil and gas
· Automotive test
· Defense and aerospace test
· Energy/power generation test

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