Push-In Wire Connectors Are Fast And Easy Alternatives

BlockMaster Electronics’ line of Clear Connects push-in wire connectors provide a fast and easy alternative to traditional twist-on wire connectors. They are suitable for residential, commercial, prefabricated wiring systems, and LED lighting systems being installed and retrofitted. Component transparency provides visual confirmation for a reliable connection and a Strip Guide is included to show the proper length to strip the wire. The connectors accept solid and tinned stranded wire 22-12 AWG, and have a built-in slot for access to test the circuit.


In addition to lighting, other applications includes security/alarm systems, appliances, heating elements, motor leads, junction boxes, and control panels. Other features include:

  • 2 to 8 pole units available
  • Voltage: VDE-AC, DC, 450V; UL-600V
  • Current: VDE-24A
  • Rated Voltage: 600V for building wiring, 1000V for lighting fixtures
  • Temperature: VDE-110°C, UL-105°C
  • Housing: Polycarbonate, Flame-Retardant to UL 94V2
  • Working Temp: 105°C/221°F
  • Clamp Unit: Tin-plated Copper, Stainless Steel Spring; Zinc-plated Steel frame
  • Glow wire test: VDE-850°C
  • Wire Stripping Length: 11mm/0.4 inches
  • Colors: Yellow, Orange, Clear, Blue, Purple, Black
  • UL Approved


For more specs and data, a Clear Connects WPC300 Series datasheet is available. For more information, contact BlockMaster Electronics Inc... Elk Grove Village, IL.

800-595-8881 or local 847-956-1680.


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