Push-In Inserts Bask In Industrial Environments

Push-In Inserts Bask In Industrial Environments
Wieland Electric Inc.

Extending the evos BASIC Series rectangular connectors are multipole push-in contact inserts rated for with voltages/currents up to 600V/13A. They promise simplified, no-tool wiring connections and are available in 6-, 10-, 16- and 24-pole configurations. Designed to accommodate solid wires, the inserts employ spring technology to provide a gas-tight, vibration-proof connections for 14AWG conductors. Featuring test points for all contacts, they mount securely into the connector housings. Other features include rugged, silver plated copper-alloy contacts rated for 500+ mating cycles. Operating temperature for the series spans -40° to +120°C. For more information, visit http://www.wielandinc.com/sites/usa/files/field_files/37_-_wieland_-_revos_-_push_in_inserts.pdf

Wieland Electric Inc.
Ontario, Canada
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Company: Wieland Electric Inc.
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