PureSense and Grape Networks to Offer Water Management Solutions

EMERYVILLE, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- PureSense and Grape Networks announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding aligning both company's strategies for marketing, product development, and resource deployment to better serve the rapidly growing agriculture market for real-time crop performance systems. Also benefiting the two companies is a similar agreement between PureSense and Terra Spase, a well-known service provider for analysis of soil, weather, vine and wine data, forecasting, and mapping tools.

PureSense uses revolutionary software and hardware to integrate best-in-class sensor and communications hardware into turnkey solutions for growers and food processors. "PureSense customers access easy-to-use tools anytime, from anywhere to manage and improve bottom-line results through our real-time water management applications; these can be deployed throughout the core operations used to grow, produce, and deliver high-quality food crops," says PureSense CEO Craig Buxton. "We are proud to serve well known vineyards and orchards, including those under the management of the Wine Group, Bronco Company and Montpellier Orchards."

Grape Networks is the "first commercially viable" application of mesh network technologies for deploying microclimate controls. Grape Networks applies wireless sensor networks to open fields, such as vineyards, to improve the yield and quality of crops and is a pioneer in wireless mesh sensor networks, a breakthrough new technology leveraging the natural convergence of smarter electronics, low-power radios, and MEMS sensors. Grape Networks CEO Peter Tsepeleff stated, "I am pleased with the significant contributions we've made in helping growers like Gallo and Beringer in managing important factors affecting their diverse vineyards throughout the growing season. Working with PureSense, we can expand more rapidly this contribution to give growers an enormous, sustainable competitive advantage."

Buxton of PureSense adds, "This agreement presents an incredible opportunity to leverage our respective expertise and technologies into next-generation solutions for better water use and quality. Both companies share a passion for serving this important market with real solutions."

For more information, contact [email protected] or [email protected] or visit Grape Networks' Web site or PureSense's Web site.

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