Pure Copper Conductive Ink Forecasts Cost-Effective Printed Electronics

Pure Copper Conductive Ink Forecasts Cost-Effective Printed Electronics
DuPont USA

The company’s first pure copper conductive ink for photonic curing, PE510, is a cost-effective alternative to silver conductor inks for a variety of possible applications. It is specifically tailored for use in certain types of antenna, membrane touch switch (MTS), radio-frequency identification (RFID), and consumer electronic applications. The copper conductor provides a means to rapidly process low-lamp-voltage copper metallization circuit designs on a wide range of plastic substrates including FR-4, PVC, polyimide films such as DuPont Kapton, and PET. It can be processed using high-speed photonic curing equipment and provides a long lamp life as well as superior adhesion and processing. Additional benefits include excellent printed line and space resolution.

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