PulseOn - the Wearable Heart Rate Monitor that Goes Beyond Tracking

ESPOO, Finland -- PulseOn offers a combination of comfort and style that has never been seen before, to make heart rate monitoring easier than ever. The small and stylish wrist device measures heart rate accurately and reliably from the wrist, without the need for a chest belt, allowing you to get the most out of your training. Combined with meaningful insights during and after training, it truly is the world's most sophisticated and simple-to-use heart rate monitoring device, allowing you to optimize your training. Key features • Accurate and reliable continuous heart rate monitoring without a chest strap • Small and stylish design for superior usability • Heart rate data transformed into meaningful insights during and after training • Syncs wireless with apps for iOS and Android • Personalized feedback that is simple and understandable Launching its preorder channel globally today is PulseOn, the new wearable heart rate monitoring device that tracks a user's heart rate continuously without the need for a chest belt. PulseOn, a start-up spun out from Nokia in 2012, has developed a small and stylish wrist device, allowing users to monitor their heart rate accurately and reliably during training events and beyond. With wireless connectivity to iOS and Android mobile applications, the heart rate data is transformed into meaningful feedback on training that is personalized for each individual. The small and stylish wrist device is the ultimate in comfort and usability, giving users the tools to understand their heart rate better instead of mere graphs and curves. So what makes it so unique? PulseOn goes beyond continuously tracking a user's heart rate - it provides highly meaningful insights into training sessions including the effect of training and coaching, ensuring the optimal balance between training and recovery. In addition to the accurate heart rate measurements from the smallest wrist based heart rate monitoring device available, it is also incredibly simple and intuitive to use. "Unlike other heart rate monitors currently available on the market, PulseOn goes beyond just tracking. It provides meaningful context around what the heart rate means and how training or specific workouts can be optimised. We truly are making heart rate monitoring easier than ever." said Tero Mennander, CEO of PulseOn. The key features of PulseOn include: • Strapless - PulseOn tracks the heart rate continuously without the need for a chest strap • Accurate - PulseOn provides accurate and reliable heart rate measurements during and after training • Small and stylish - PulseOn's wrist device is the smallest and most comfortable heart rate monitoring device available • Meaningful insights - heart rate data is transformed into actionable feedback that can be easily understood by users, providing guidance on how to optimise activity effectively • Personalized - feedback is based on each individual, not just people in general • Wireless - PulseOn syncs data automatically with smartphones, allowing for easily accessible and portable feedback "PulseOn is designed for people who exercise in cardio-intensive sports and want to understand the effect that their training has on their body better. It's small and stylish, and provides accurate continuous heart rate measurements, allowing the users to replace the awkward chest strap that we see so much of. A key driver of our development has been to provide superior comfort and usability to heart rate monitoring," continued Mennander. From today, people can pre-order a PulseOn heart rate monitoring device from Indiegogo. The exclusive pre-order packages starting at $169 (RRP $199) will be delivered in September 2014. To support PulseOn, go to Indiegogo: igg.me/at/pulseonhr For more information on PulseOn, visit http://www.pulseon.com