Pull Tabs Insulate Batteries During Shipping And Storage

Keystone Electronics’ latest line of battery insulators are designed to protect batteries and circuitry from energizing during shipping and storage. The insulating pull tabs are installed in a product, along with the batteries, to insulate and prevent them from energizing prior to use. Simply pull the tab out from under the battery contact to activate. Clear labeling and arrows on the pull tabs simplify removal.


Manufactured from thin, flexible polyester, these pull tabs can be easily removed from a battery compartment even if the compartment is closed. For button cell through AAA Batteries, request Catalog #111. For 12.7mm coin cells and AA or larger cylindrical cells, request Catalog #117. Both styles are supplied on a 3” adhesive-backed carrier strip in rolls of 1,000 pieces. Pull tabs are available through Keystone’s global distribution network. Online ordering is also available.

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