Proton OnSite to Supply Electrolyzer Stacks for Multiple Submarine Fleets

WALLINGFORD, CT -- Proton OnSite announces it has received follow-on orders for Navy electrolyzer cell stacks from UTC Aerospace Systems, a defense and aerospace system integrator. The orders for 17 cell stacks, to be delivered over the course of several years, will be providing oxygen generation for new submarines in the American, British and French Navy fleets. The multi-million dollar orders received over the past two months solidify Proton's position as the only U.S. supplier of stacks for international submarine fleets. The booked orders will be supporting U.S. Virginia Class, U.K. Vanguard and Astute classes, and French Barracuda Class submarine oxygen production, and supplement previous deliveries for these boats going back to 2008.

Robert Friedland, Chief Executive Officer of Proton OnSite said: "We have worked with UTC Aerospace Systems to develop and manufacture the most advanced electrolyzer cell stack design for these Navy customers over the past 10 years. These contracts extend an important relationship with UTC Aerospace Systems and further show how our robust and reliable PEM technology is used in these important markets."

Proton OnSite has a long history of supplying PEM electrolyzer stacks for the production of oxygen on board Navy submarines. To date, Proton OnSite has delivered 22 cell stacks to UTC Aerospace Systems for its Navy customers. These Navy customers have made PEM cell stacks the technology of choice for oxygen production on submarines, based on its long track record of reliability and robustness. The successful partnership between Proton and UTC Aerospace Systems is built on Proton's stack manufacturing expertise and UTC Aerospace Systems' leading position as a systems integration and solution provider to military customers around the world. The cell stack technology jointly developed by Proton and UTAS for their Navy customers has also been integrated into commercial electrolyzers under Proton's C-Series® product line. The military heritage and performance of these cell stacks assures Proton's customers of unparalleled reliability and durability for their commercial electrolyzer applications.

"The Virginia Class submarine program is a critical program for the U.S. Navy, and we are proud to be a part of it. Proton OnSite's demonstrated ability to timely deliver quality hardware has been important to our success. UTC Aerospace Systems' maritime systems have demonstrated decades of safe and reliable operation, meeting all of our customers' requirements. Our hardware spans many technologies and customers, including oxygen generation, carbon dioxide removal, atmosphere monitoring, and fuel cell energy. We look forward to working with Proton in not only maintaining our solid performance but also looking to the future, ensuring our oxygen generation solutions are world class and affordable," said Carl Nunziato, General Manager Maritime Systems.

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