Programmable Thermostat Boasts Superior Wireless Connectivity

Programmable Thermostat Boasts Superior Wireless Connectivity
Delta Controls Inc.

The eZNTW advanced BACnet thermostat is in the running as a finalist in the AHR Expo Innovation Award in the Building Automation category. The component offers unique communications capabilities such as onboard Wi-Fi to make it IoT-ready and enOcean wireless capabilities for HVAC controls and in-room integration with a variety of peripheral products. It also features a wide-range of sensing applications from basic temperature monitoring to indoor air quality and occupancy sensing. To cut down installation time, the programmable thermostat can be configured using NFC-enabled mobile devices or a webpage via Wi-Fi. For more information on the eZNTW, visit  

Delta Controls Inc.
British Columbia, Canada

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Company: Delta Controls Inc.
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