Programmable Supplies Are Precise, Fast, And Sensitive

Programmable Supplies Are Precise, Fast, And Sensitive
Keithley Instruments Inc.

Optimized for testing battery-powered devices and low-power semiconductors, the Series 2280S programmable dc power supplies claim to be sensitive measurement instruments with the speed and dynamic range essential for measuring standby current loads and load current pulses that battery-powered wireless, medical, and industrial devices produce. Series 2280S supplies can output up to 192W of low noise, linear regulated dc power. The Model 2280S-32-6 can output up to 32V at up to 6A, and the Model 2280S-60-3 can output up to 60V at up to 3.2A. Each model can make voltage and current read-back measurements with up to 6½ digits of resolution for maximum precision or as low as 3½ digits for greater speed. Voltage output measurements can be resolved down to 100 µV. Load currents from 100 nA to 6A can be monitored with high accuracy. Four load current measurement ranges (10A, 1A, 100 mA, and 10mA) support measuring full load currents, standby mode currents, and small sleep mode changes precisely. Price for either the Model 2280S- 32-6 or Model 2280S-60-3 is $1990. For more info, go to

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