Programmable Incremental Encoders from SICK STEGMANN

Programmable Incremental Encoders from SICK STEGMANN

DFS 60 incremental encoders from SICK STEGMANN, Dayton, OH, are available in fully programmable versions to accommodate any value from 1–65,536 pulses/rev. Encoders are offered in blind hollow shaft, through hollow shaft, and solid shaft models and feature a metal code disc and up to 30 mm distance between bearings. Using a simple programming tool, you can select any number of lines between 1 and 65,536 on your PC or notebook; set the zero pulse width to 90°, 180°, or 270°; or program the electrical interface to HTL or TTL.

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Phone number: 800-811-9110
Fax: 937-454-1955

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