Programmable DC Loads Are Economical And Versatile

Saelig Company offers the Siglent SDL1000X/X-E Series Programmable DC Loads that can be set to simulate a wide range of load characteristics. Four models offer two different resolutions and two power capacity choices with an input range of 150V/30A. The SDL1020X/SDL1020X-E versions are 200W models, while the SDL1030X/SDL1030X-E versions have a 300W capability. The 'X' versions have a measurement resolution of 0.1mV/0.1mA, and the 'X-E' versions offer a resolution of 1mV/1mA. Both series have adjustable current rise times from 1 mA/µs to 2.5 A/µs.

Other features include a 3.5" TFT-LCD display, dynamic test mode, periodically switching between two preset levels up to 25 kHz, CR-LED mode designed specifically for LED driver experiments, a program function with up to 50 groups, list function with up to 100 steps, and external control via analog input or USB/LAN interfaces with the provided software. Protection modes include adjustable over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-power protection, over-temperature protection, and reverse voltage protection.

For additional revelations and specs, checkout the Siglent SDL1000X/X-E Series Programmable DC Loads page, call Saelig at 888-7SAELIG, and/or email [email protected].

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