Programmable AC/DC Supplies Deliver Up To 2.2 kW

Programmable AC/DC Supplies Deliver Up To 2.2 kW
Murata Power Solutions

The AC input D1U4 series programmable ac/dc power supplies consists of two models: a 12-Vdc output model with power ratings of 1.2 kW, 1.6 kW, and 2.2 kW and a 54-Vdc output model with a power rating of 1.6 kW. Each features a dual I2C interface, controllable bidirectional output isolation, and measures 41 mm x 355.6 mm x 101.6 mm. A DC input model (D1U4CS-D-2100-5x) is also available with a 2.1 kW output that is designed to deliver reliable bulk power to 54V distributed power systems. A datasheet is available at 

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