Process Transmitters from JH Technology

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JH Technology Inc.

The JH5000 Series DIN-rail process transmitters from JH Technology Inc., Sarasota, FL, accept a variety of inputs and are offered with a high-speed response option (Option HS) that provides 1 ms response (95% complete). Faster or slower responses are available by special order. Transmitters are available for DC, thermocouple, RTD, strain gauge/load cell, and potentiometer/resistance inputs and with add/subtract, multiply/divide, and square root math functions. Process transmitters normally provide a modest amount of filtering to smooth measurement signals and minimize unwanted noise pickup. Option HS minimizes the filtering to monitor impacts and transients and to control fast-responding processes.

Contact Info

Company: JH Technology Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-808-0300
Fax: 941-925-8774

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